What does it mean to be aware of your awareness in meditation and how can you apply it in your daily meditation practice?

by | Nov 27, 2019 | Question & Answer

There is an article that excellently matches the answer to your question so I am posting the link here:

Types of Higher Self Meditation Practices

Note the 3. meditation in the article.

For the Breath Awareness Meditation in the article, study this article for concise/accurate information about the basics and important points:

What is meditation? How to practice meditation.

It contains the info that can help you start from even a very active mind and go into the awareness based meditations, homing into the Spiritual Heart and being able to recognize the Awareness, and as you progress, being able to focus on the Awareness more and more. I am currently at a point where I mainly practice focusing on the Spiritual Heart and remaining as Awareness (both) throughout the day. Also, sometimes I focus on the breath more, sometimes Spiritual Heart more, sometimes I recognize the Awareness and stay as awareness more. The practice deepens as you keep practicing with the intention for spiritual enlightenment. The two articles contain very helpful information related to this deepening.

Another source that can be helpful if you want to start from the beginning and gain thorough conceptual knowledge on practicing spirituality for experiencing spiritual enlightenment is this article: New to Higher Self Teachings? Start here.

Add-on: Object based meditations such as Breath Awareness Meditation or Spiritual Heart Meditation (Awareness of the Love energy coming into the human system, most easily felt in the center of the chest region) create greater and greater peace in the mind as we keep practicing them. It may definitely seem that we are facing more or highly increased amounts of activity at times; but the overall peaceful tendency of the system will in fact be increasing. Our meditation practice creates peace by directly focusing on what creates peace in the mind. The increased amounts of activity at times we may become aware of is due to us becoming aware of previously existing activity or the increasing energy of our human system that intensifies all previous tendencies. Now, if we meditate a lot and then slip into old patterns, these old patterns will be experienced in a more intense manner, because more amounts of energy will be available to subconsciously empower them. Everything will be accelerating, we will be becoming a more full fledged life. In this trend of increasing peacefulness, awareness is naturally recognized more easily. And the more we recognize it, the more we can consciously be it, the more we can consciously focus on this formless aspect of us. Thusly remaining as Awareness and maintaining focus on the Spiritual Heart, we can create more and more an experience of the purest form of Love in our experience, simultaneously gaining understanding due to remaining as the formless Awareness. What we keep focusing on, we create more an experience of. First, we learn how to focus, and recognize the objects of focus earlier in our practice, then as our practice deepens, we become more and more conscious creators of our reality, knowing more and more our objects of focus, and who we truly are, and aware of and honoring our intention to create more an experience of our highest aspects in our reality.

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