How do you overcome developer/programmer burnout?

by | Jan 9, 2020 | Question & Answer

You can!.

Love the burnout. There is no need to fight it.

Imagine you are putting a thread through the eye of a needle. Would getting angry and hurrying up help you to put it through? Or would simply a relaxed alertness, and a patient pace more useful?

It is the same with burnout. The more you hurry to get out of it, the more you are pressuring yourself, and making it kind of more difficult. The more you simply love yourself the way you are, the quicker you are healing out of burnout, evolving to a greater understanding about yourself.

You don’t have to pressure yourself to have an identity of a developer/programmer. Simply look at your situation and give yourself unconditional love. What is the point of a job anyway? It is to meet our basic needs and to create something useful for the world isn’t it? It should not be an idea that saps our happiness, such an approach is counter productive.

Let’s learn to be happy first, and then start with something simple to be able to fulfill our basic needs. We can always ramp it up later. First, we need to have a stable base to begin with, we have lost that, yes? If you have a stable base of being able to consciously create peace and happiness independent of external circumstances, you can do anything from that place. This is basically accessing to the universal intelligence that is able to guide you through any situation, with potentially perfect balance. (depending on your mastery). Without further ado.. :

OK, now an admission, I haven’t watched this video yet, but I still want to post this answer containing this video even before I watch it. Why? Because I have known the creator of the video for a decade, having watched hundreds of his videos. So, I know, this video will be the shortest possible answer to your question, if you study it and go into it. I know it by heart. I will go into it soon myself too, just to immerse in the wisdom more, as I often do and benefit from. But why wait until I watch it fully? I can’t (don’t want to) wait. 🙂 So there you are :).

I am also adding some (I think they are good) answers about burnout I had created before. (being an ex developer/programmer who experienced a kind of burnout, but it was actually a burn through. Burn through is a word I coined now that refers to creating a deep awakening experience whilst giving perceived peak effort for extended periods of time. It is like burnout, but with an added awakening experience somewhere along). The answers are also utilizing the same approach in the video, albeit the understanding in them is evolving towards the highly enlightened understanding of the creator of the video.

The answer is basically, Love. Bring Love into your expression. Unite with Love as your expression. Come into your expression as Love. (the true you being Love itself). The expression of this answer is an expression of Love that can benefit your mind, can help it expand more, so that you can better heal your burnout having acquired a greater understanding of the dynamics. I put it together this way, at this time in creation, seeming rather haphazardly, yet, sometimes things put together seemingly haphazardly can be helpful too. It is almost midnight, this was an answer written in some physical and mental tiredness. Much Love.

Psst.. I just watched the video. It is really profound. Worth very attentively listening to. Like a pure pure shiny jewel in the bottom of a pond waiting to be picked. <3

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