What Does a Happy Man Do?

by | Nov 11, 2015 | Blog Post (Translated from Turkish)

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I am rolling up my sleeves to write this article. I just came back from the beach. I went for a long walk with my cat on my shoulder and my dog who came with me without a leash. I exercised to my heart’s content in a secluded area on the now closed municipal facilities part of the beach. Various movements that I have collected, modified and adapted to myself from various sports over time, over the years. An improvisational combination of kendo, karate, yoga and other sports like cultural physics. It was a spontaneous exercise rather than forcing myself. The cat and the dog had the opportunity to hang out in the sun and sand on this beautiful November day.

I came home, I was aware of my negative balance in the bank, my freelance job offers from Upwork.com had not been answered positively and some of them were negative. To tell you the truth, translation work didn’t motivate me much, but I had bid for jobs that I felt I could use my creativity for. Some jobs that I felt I could do, that I felt like I could do. But I realized tonight that this approach is still not ideal.

What am I talking about? I’ll explain, I’ll open it. Now I have to earn a living somehow in this world, ideally by serving people, by doing the best work that can be done. Life made me plant lettuce, spinach, parsley, arugula, arugula, onion, garlic with an agricultural technician friend about a month ago. For natural agriculture, I planted seeds such as sainfoin, white clover, clover, clover, bee balm on a 4-5 acre land. I want to make an orchard on this land. Now the lettuce is growing, the spinach has started to germinate, etc. etc. But these are not the things that give me peace or happiness directly. This is exactly what I once said to that friend who was a technician. I made a comment that agriculture is not what gives people peace. I mean, a person can be extremely restless and bored while working in the field. But he can also be very happy and peaceful. And he understood what I meant because it was his job, because it was his specialty. So what is important? Is it just to earn a living, to survive, to make a living? If so, then I would be satisfied with growing lettuce, spinach, etc. all the time and living a life completely focused on survival. But it doesn’t.

For example, the other day I was hoeing while burying the garlic one by one. When I was hoeing, my aim was to create a soft area where I could bury the garlic. But as I was going row by row, weeds were coming in front of me, now I’m going to plant this garlic, but I’m going to kill that weed at the same time because I’m hoeing at the same time. I realized this contradiction, I was tired of planting garlic. I stopped and threw the remaining seeds in my bag and went back home.

I was looking for jobs on Upwork.com to make money, and I realized this. Now people are creating jobs according to their own desires, and when I make work from those jobs, they give me digital coins with $ symbols. I take that money out of the bank and go and buy food for myself and animals at the market. But some of the jobs I bid for, for example, the ones below, for some reason they didn’t really give me the feeling of fulfilling my life purpose, even though I was still putting some of my creativity and skills into practice:

Mobile App Translation – Turkish (312387011)

Marketing Associate (312007575) (Marketing assistant)

Writing multiple choice questions for teaching project (312006232)

Giving feedback on a game development related project (312003489)

So while searching for jobs using keywords and reviewing available jobs, I suddenly stopped and decided to write this article.

Why am I writing this article? To point out what is really important, because I am now aware of it to a certain extent.

The important thing for me in this life is to be able to live with the energy of happiness, with peace, and to be able to convey that to people. Actually, I know that the more I capture this, the more I can convey it to people. This article is a direct reflection of that.

I woke up around 9 in the morning, but after a few small meetings, a little snack, I sat in bed for more than 3 hours and focused on the Spiritual Heart, the deepest energy center of the human system where the energy of love flows into our body. There will be some people who will say, “What are you talking about? But I have to give you the full truth so that you can understand what I am talking about.

During meditation I was feeling the energy of love inside me, which was moving me around and around in my spinal axis. Now these are my experiences, I am not telling you this because it has to be the same with you. I got out of bed around 1:30 or so, very centered, very calm, energetic, feeling a fullness of energy inside me. I was at peace, there was no doubt. After that I ran a small errand with a friend, fed the animals and went to the beach.

I was doing something I was happy doing while most people were doing something they were not happy doing. Or was I doing it wrong? 🙂 Or should I do things I don’t like and get into patterns that I have to endure in life?

I thank God for giving me peace and happiness right now. My trials continue, my ego is active, I have worldly desires, but I also have the desire to turn towards God. I can’t let go of some parts of my ego, but I want to live by focusing on the Spiritual Heart, becoming more and more centered in the energy of love flowing into me and living my remaining exams, the things I need to learn.

Now I come home in the evening. What should I do? The money is negative. I should make money on Upwork, but the projects are not working. That’s not what I really love. If I do these jobs that I don’t like now, wouldn’t I be energizing a reality in the world where people do jobs they don’t like? Whereas, for example, in a world that could be called ideal, wouldn’t everyone be doing what they love in a state of peace and happiness, without fear, with confidence, more or less aware in the language of their own consciousness that they are one with God within God, realizing their spiritual development, their creation, God’s creation of them?

So let me do what I love, or rather, let me focus on love and let it be what comes from within me and don’t stop it. That’s what I feel like conveying to you right now. Maybe some of you reading this article will find support to start walking the path that they love, that they feel in their heart is right, that they know in their conscience, in the depths of their heart, not what is imposed on them from the outside, and if they are walking, to better understand why they are doing it.

So what do you want deep down, my readers? Ask yourself that, and listen to your heart. Focus on the center of your chest, what do you feel inside? Trust yourself for a moment, you have the love that God created within you, your core, your essence is already telling you what is beautiful and auspicious in every moment. But maybe you have been focusing too much elsewhere for a long time. So maybe you have more or less forgotten to feel this silent guidance.

Whatever you are, come again… Come to your heart… Because we are all already there together… Come to your heart, discover your Spiritual Heart, focus on God. Are the words foreign to you? Focus on Peace, focus on Love, it will begin to purify you. It will begin to make you happy… It will dissolve the sadness inside you, the energies that you have suppressed, you will begin to get rid of them, just like a runny nose, coughing up phlegm, coughing up phlegm.

I say, what does a happy man do? He does whatever comes from his heart, from the depths of his heart, whatever comes from his heart, from his soul. And it is good, it is auspicious. God is creating the universe perfectly, and if you desire to realize this goodness that is in your essence and focus on it, you will be given what you want.

A happy world, a heavenly world, is created by people, animals and living beings who are happy. And this happiness starts deep in the soul and the world is shaped around it. First everything starts from the intention, and if the intention is true and sincere, it is already God’s desire. Your most sincere intention = what God also desires. Therefore its realization is inevitable. It is God’s command.

Do not hesitate to be happy. The world needs it nowadays. In fact, maybe it always has. Yes, you, you, you and you. The world needs you. It is you, dear readers, who will find happiness within you and bring it to the world. I am publishing it verbatim without reading or changing it. With love.


I’m going to play Dwarf Fortress soon, I’m having a lot of fun playing this game, that’s it. 🙂

One more addition: I had taken a break from my writings until I had a deep awakening, whatever that is 🙂 But whether I woke up or not is up to you to decide, but I felt like sending this article, I believe in its usefulness, so I’m taking the shot and hitting the update button. 🙂

And one more addition: What about our insincere intentions, are they not God’s will? They also exist with God’s desire, but God just doesn’t allow them to be realized. Why not? Because they are not sincere. So on the one hand you want them to happen, and on the other hand you know very well that they will not happen, or you understand it well enough if you look inside yourself. Because deep down inside you don’t really want them to happen. God creates everything, including your sincere and insincere intentions. So do you think that you are separate/separate from God? As far as I have learned so far, the complete removal of this delusion is the experience of enlightenment. And to surrender moment by moment is to experience the fact that life is created by God’s will, that everything is manifested as a whole and perfect, and the person who surrenders moment by moment becomes more and more aware of this.

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