How did you get rid of overthinking?

by | Mar 16, 2017 | Question & Answer

Yes, I had a very active mind and furthermore I was identified with the thought structure in my mind as myself.

I was a seeker of truth, and gave a lot of intellectual effort in understanding the nature of reality, and also trained myself physically (martial arts and exercise). Today I can see that I grew through awareness while giving effort mentally/emotionally/physically. Eventually my efforts and research led me to the discovery of a deeper state called Awareness.

When I first discovered it, my mind and emotions were very active and were in chaos. There was a breakdown in my identity, about who I was. We are conditioned in this world to believe a mental identity of ourselves consisting of a series of thoughts/interpretations of our experiences. However, we are the deeper Awareness where everything occurs within.

Gradually, I learned to focus on the Spiritual Heart center where the flow of Love enters the human system. Focusing on this Love has the greatest calming/silencing effect on the mind because the mind always seeks to find this Love as a built-in mechanism.

It is my ongoing challenge to stay focused on this Love while there are a lot of distracting stimuli from the world. When I really persist and keep focused on this Love and stay as Awareness, I can reach and maintain a state of harmonious living where my mind is much more peaceful and I have a greater sense of self control.

To experience the state of Awareness, you can learn Breath Awareness Meditation from these 2 links and start practicing it regularly: What is meditation? How to practice meditation and Types of Higher Self Meditation Practices

When you practice Breath Awareness Meditation, you will begin to recognize the space between/encompassing the thoughts/emotions in your mind. While this is happening you are also learning to stay as this Awareness. Also, your efforts in meditation will take you to your heart eventually, where you will first hand experience the flow of Love entering you. The articles provide explanations about these. After you find the flow of Love, you can also focus on this and this will most effectively create peace in your mind.

Be aware that many experiences about our thoughts/emotions including intense experiences of emotion will happen while you go on this awakening path. Learning to face these in a centered way, in Awareness and breath or heart focus will increase your understanding of yourself/reality.

To this day it is my challenge to have a calm peaceful mind. I can achieve it with diligent effort. But if I neglect meditativeness, my mind becomes very active and I get identified with it. It is very advanced to have a completely silent mind and have full mastery over it. But sincere effort always will lead to the increase of one’s mastery.

There is no way other than regular meditativeness (the true meaning of mediation is explained in the articles) to truly acquire mastery over one’s mind.

The state you are in is, you are identified with a part of your mind as yourself, a thought structure in your mind which thinks it should be in control. But you need to acquire a wider understanding of who you are to understand and truly have an experience of self control. This requires a lot of work, with correct guidance, but there really is no other way, no short cut. Asking these questions and really going for the answers and starting PRACTICING the wise advice you find will lead you to the changes you desire. To truly experience change we must go beyond the concepts and actually create the experiences, applying the guidance we receive.

A note about the writings in this site: I recommend you check these two articles (article 1) (article 2) about the writings on this site if you haven’t already.