How do I stop overthinking about too much gaming?

by | Apr 16, 2017 | Question & Answer

It is wonderful and perfectly natural that you want to be happy.

It is a great experience to be happy while playing games.

However; ask yourself this question: Do you truly want to play games to a degree that would harm you, steal from you possibilities in your life that you know deep inside would be more beneficial for you and others? Really ask this question and note your answer.

A reason we play games is because we want to be in a non-judgmental environment where we can express ourselves. Computers do not judge us, at least not as humans do. Computers and gaming software are straightforward. They operate by rules, not too obvious to destroy the sense of discovery, but they have integrity and consistency.

So, when you play games, play with your free will decision. Do not force yourself to enjoy the games. Let yourself enjoy them with the knowledge that you are doing this with your free will choice. When you feel that it is time to do other activities, do not continue to play games. This feeling must come from your heart. Without any compulsion by other people/the ideas of other people, knowing that you are free, decide whether to stop or continue playing.

As long as your heart desires to play, it is OK to play forever. You are a free creative being. Your heart (spiritual) will guide you to play as long as it is beneficial for you, and will guide you towards other activities when it is time. When you feel unconditionally loved, when you feel unconditional love within you, you won’t be obsessed with playing.. you will enjoy it, will feel free to stop and take care of other things when it is time, and go towards other experiences in life when it is time. So, love your self unconditionally. This is also living with your free will.

Be awake/aware while playing.. Enjoy it.. You can enjoy it all the time you desire. Your very being is the joy itself. Be yourself. Continue to be yourself, and at some point games will be just a part of life, and life will become the game itself. The same enjoyment will expand to living life itself, the same sense of happiness while you were playing games.

How to stay as yourself and quiet the thoughts that are keeping judging you? The above advice will work if you begin to apply it. Your understanding will increase as you keep applying it. *

When you feel unconditional love deeply, the judgments in your mind will also quiet down. The mind is seeking this unconditional love when you aren’t experiencing it. So, as you learn to give yourself the experience of unconditional love, you will see that you are experiencing an increasingly peaceful mind as well as a trend. There are times when we become aware of internal resistance towards this love, judgments we carry within us that say we don’t deserve it. We might feel them strongly at times, but these are just illusions. Keep focusing on the Love and they will lose their power. Keep playing when your heart desires to. Ignore the judgments of others. There is no superior experience than being peaceful and happy in this world. Not going to Mars. Not conquering the world. Not being rich. Not being strong. Not fame. Not sex. These can all be done if you truly desire, but they become meaningful when you truly feel fulfilled inside. These activities are not the source of our happiness. Happiness comes from the inside, and becomes infused into whatever we do.

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