How can I stop overthinking every social interaction?

by | Mar 24, 2017 | Question & Answer

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I’m way too sensitive to people and end up assuming the worst about most of the time. Its really annoying, and has caused me to avoid a lot of social interaction. I know this is a stupid question, but how can I stop? (Someone will suggest to ask for help, but that’s kinda out of the question.)

I will first make a summary about why you experience ‘assuming the worst, about most of the time’ that you have mentioned in your question.

Because of the state of humanity’s current evolution (how it has come to evolve throughout history up to now), most humans have traumas stored in their subconscious minds. These traumas/inner wounds distort the perception of the human being and cause them to experience a distrusting relationship with life and other human beings. These experiences happen as thoughts and emotions in the mind, while we are interacting with the world. Certain situations trigger these thoughts and emotions as they are related to the situations where the trauma was experienced and stored in the subconscious mind. This is why you experience a profound sense of distrust manifesting as assuming the worst about most of the time.

‘How can you stop?’

You need to undergo a healing process where you both discover a healing energy within yourself and learn to bring your awareness to these parts of yourself that are storing these trauma/inner wounds and experience the healing of them with this healing energy.

This ‘healing energy’ is called by many, unconditional love. It is not an abstract thought, it is an energy that actually exists, and one can discover it if one truly desires this and learns how to direct their focus. There are spiritual practices being developed and perfected throughout ancient times to this day to help humans discover this energy, and their true nature. Human consciousness is continuously evolving and there are teachings and practices that are part of the understanding acquired since its beginning, easily accessible in this information age.

I have researched about how to heal these trauma, and resolve my personal difficulties for many years and for many years I have practiced and deepened my understanding on one such teaching:

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The discovery of the unconditional love within and learning to live as awareness are what this teaching is helping people understand through touching an extensive number of topics, providing a road map of understanding, and spiritual practice on how to achieve this. These teachings are very unique, they are called Higher Self Teachings and are presented by an highly evolved person. Understanding and practicing these teachings is the most surefire way to achieve inner peace, happiness and mental mastery that I know of. They are not focused on creating a conceptual maze in your mind, they are geared to create an understanding within you that will result in your inclination and beginning to create experiences that will actually start to change you. Of course, everything depends on your willingness to study them and practice them. As you do this, you will understand why they work through first hand personal experience, because they are scientific, repeatable (adaptable also based on the mental state of a person), due to them based on actual life experience and very deep wisdom.

Your sensitivity is actually an asset for growth and you can learn to be centered and undergo healing that will remove getting triggered by the energies of other people. Sensitivity (if it means an ability/inclination/natural inner desire of listening deeply), will lead to insight for you, acquired through awareness of the many aspects/details of life. Once (as) you learn the lessons, you will have greater and greater sense of mastery/self control in such social situations.

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