How do I stop thinking about gaming every single second?

by | May 2, 2017 | Question & Answer

Apply these steps in order:

1. Watch and do this guided meditation:

2. Do step 1, until you feel enough clarity to focus on reading this article about meditation:

What is meditation? How to practice meditation.

If your concentration is broken, and you feel you can’t focus, do the step 1 again, to the best of your ability.

3. Establish a daily practice of meditation. Start the day with meditation (after you wake up, after hygiene, do it the first thing if possible, if not, do it as early as possible). This step is very important, do your best to start it, from short periods of time (up to 5 mins) to 20–30 mins. Before going to sleep, be sure that the last thing you do is staying meditative, either while laying down, or sitting and then going to sleep. It would be excellent if you meditate 5 mins before sleeping. These periods as a start will begin to teach you how important it is to learn to stay as awareness (with breath or heart focus) throughout the day, leading to the cultivation of a peaceful, more happy state of mind. Additionally, you will be gaining insights about your self. The peace, clarity, discovery of the ability to be happy unconditionally and the insights you are gaining will increase your self control. Additionally you will be bringing more energy into your self.

4. The first 3 steps will increase your self control, give you a more peaceful mind, more clarity. Continue your daily practice of meditation while living your life. Do your very best to maintain your practice. As you gain more self control and be able to live your life more consciously, things will start to improve. You will be learning to withdraw your creative energy from those activities that do not serve you and focusing it on activities that your heart desires.

Realize that you can’t wish something to be real, you need to fulfill the conditions for it to happen. But, whatever is happening, you can learn to be peaceful and happy, and learn to be a more effective creator. There really is no limit to your creativity. You must realize that allowing yourself first to be as you are is crucial to have a space to move ahead. When you judge yourself to be unlovable, not deserving of happiness, your mind will seek this happiness through activities it has learned in the past. I observe gaming is such an activity for you. The more you feel unhappy, the more you will want to game with your current conditioning. So, first, love yourself as you are, let your self be as you are so that your mind can take a breath. If it wants to game so much, let it desire it. But do apply the steps I am giving here so that you can begin to gain creative mastery over your life and learn to be happy. Remember, the reason the mind wants the gaming experience is you are feeling unhappy right now and in your memory, you have some space while gaming, some sense of happiness, some self of unconditional love that you allowed yourself to experience while gaming. The mind always seeks happiness unless it isn’t there in your experience. So, you must learn to create the happiness independent of gaming so that your mind will understand there are other options than gaming. This first 4 steps will greatly help you start doing that.

5. The next step towards mastery is educating yourself more about the workings of your mind/emotions/body. If you get distracted doing all this, you can always return to step 1. With the base experience you are learning to create from the first 4 steps, you can move ahead with your life to the direction your heart desires with more ease.

Work towards your goals step by step, and be meditative while doing this. With continued practice of meditativeness, the crucial thing you will realize is goals or your success in the eyes of others can’t determine your self worth or how much love you can feel in any moment.

When you study for your lessons with relative clarity of mind, your grades will start to improve. The more you can healthily study, the more a life of studying will be desirable for you. If you make study a self torturing experience without realizing it, the less you will desire it and the more you will be tempted to experiences in your memory that you felt a relative sense of happiness. So you must learn to first start feeling better in this moment and start studying with this feeling. This whole answer is designed for this so that you can learn to freely flow into the life you desire. Do not force yourself to feel better, but apply the steps to discover how this is achieved.

Study these articles and videos and apply the guidance there to gradually gain more understanding about your mind/emotions/body and who you really are. As you keep doing this, you will be able to better and better steer your life towards what you truly desire. Be patient.

A note about the writings in this site: I recommend you check these two articles (article 1) (article 2) about the writings on this site if you haven’t already.